Using the library

using the library

There are a few government programs that I think our nation does well, but one of them is libraries. You can borrow books, audio-books, movies, and Internet for FREE! What a treat.


PS – We are halfway through this series, hooray! Do you have any feedback, for the next 15 days? Is there anything you want to see more of? More serious? More light-hearted? Just curious. :)

  • i love this series! it really makes me think. the serious ones are the ones that grab me the most, but it’s also fun that there is a mix of lighthearted ones in there too..

  • Oh my gosh. This! I use the library all the time. Especially because the library in Houston has an app and you can just download ebooks directly from there. You never even have to go to the library!

  • Because you are my favorite middle daughter, I just love reading your thoughts and ideas especially since we don’t talk everyday. I know it’s probably a challenge to write daily but it reminds me of your marathon training/discipline… YOU GO GIRL!

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