Trying long distance

trying long distance

You know how people say you’ll fall in love when you’re not looking? I never understood when that would happen. I was always looking. I wanted to be in a relationship so bad in college, and was always looking for The One.

Well, “those people” are right. The one time in my adult life I was not looking for a relationship, was when J asked me on a date.

I had just graduated from college and in two weeks was about to move to DC. He was just a friend, who I kind of liked but thought was a little goofy and nerdy, and I was so focused on my move him asking me out caught me off guard. We had a great time and then spent the next two weeks practically inseparable. It was one of the loveliest, most memorable two weeks of my life, but I didn’t want to start a relationship! That was not in my plan! I was about to move to DC, start my career and would meet and marry someone in DC (ha! so thankful that did not happen). Long distance was NOT on my agenda.

J was convincing though, so I decided to give long distance a try. I didn’t tell him this, but secretly set an expiration date of one month to see if it was worth pursuing any further after that.

Well, we all know how this story ends.

A month went by and I was a smitten kitten. We did long distance for two years, until I moved to NC in 2010.

Long distance was not easy, but it was a really great way to start our relationship. When you have nothing to do but talk to each other on the phone, you get really close really fast, and treasured our time in person so much more than if we had been in the same town. Trying long distance turned out to be one of the greatest decisions in my life.


  • I am agree with you, when you’re not looking for relation usually you meet something special…living far is good and bad at same time, good because distance permit to know each other real, bad because if you are in agood mood skype isn’t like a real cuddle, but long distance is a test for us and also fro the couple, in your case a blessed couple!!!

  • Aww I am so happy it worked out. I previously had an out of state relationship and now its just a couple of hours away. Sometimes it gets hard, especially when a friend says, that you are not in a real relationship when you are on a LDR – it was hard to hear but you know whats best for you if you listen to yourself

  • So true, thanks for your kind words! J and I actually were pretty bad at skyping… I kept getting distracted by seeing myself in the screen. So vain! :)

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