Paying off my debt

paying off my debt

I took a financial peace university class when I was a senior in college, and decided when I graduated I would focus all of my financial energy to pay off my student loans.┬áSo that’s what I did. I moved to DC, got my first big girl job, and slowly month by month paid off my debt (see the full spreadsheet). It wasn’t easy and there were a lot of times I had to say no to fun events, trips, gourmet food or shopping, but after two years I had paid off $13,800. It felt really good.

Looking back, finding a dream job decision was a turning point for me. It literally forced me to get creative with my entry-level paycheck and make habits on paying off debt or saving before spending it, and I have reaped the benefits of making those wise habits and getting rid of that debt.


PS – Good debt vs. bad debt, how to get out of debt, what the Bible says about debt, and the day I became debt-free!!

  • I wish I started as early as you did. I had way too much fun after graduation.They should start a personal finance class as a requirement in college.

  • Great decision, I am near to achieve a personal finance goal, but when I wasn’t able or better I didn’t had a budget to respect I ovespent regoularly, now I am more focused on personalfinance, budget side hustle & o, this is adulthood!!!

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