Writing this series

writing this series

It’s October 31, which means it’s Halloween! And also the last day of my 31 Decisions I’m Glad I Made series. Huzzah!

I’ve been writing 31 days straight, and at the beginning of this month I wondered if writing this series would be a good decision.

The verdict?

Yep. Glad I decided to write and choose this topic.

Coming up with decisions and writing through each has helped me process some of the decisions I’m in the middle of making today. It also helped me get back into the swing and routine of blogging again.

I’m glad I decided on a template for the photos. I learned that when it comes to blogging, writing is the easy part. I can write all the live-long day, but the pressure of having a picture to each post adds a whole new level of stress. So having a set theme of a photo (my feet each day) took the pressure off exponentially. This 31-day series was so much less work than the other one I wrote two years ago because I didn’t have to create a graphic or think of a cool unique photo every day. Who knows, maybe all of my posts will have feet pictures moving forward.

Looking back through the month, I tried to categorize these decisions into buckets…

Decisions that were really easy to make:

Really hard to make:

Involved serious dedication and commitment:

Benefited my career:

Invested in my future:

Reevaluate how I spend my time:

Helped me learn:

Enriched my life:

Say YES to relationships:

If you want to see a full list of the decisions in order and with all of the shoes I wore this month, find it on this page. :)

And with that — this series is DONZO.*

Any questions? Comments? Is there anything moving forward you’d like me to write about? 


*Not sure what donzo means? Watch this. :)