November Goals

Oh, November. I have mixed emotions about this month — the one that begins in autumn and ends in winter. On the one hand — it’s chilly! and cozy! and I want to wear warm sweaters and boots every day! But on the other hand, the days get darker and shorter, and without any Christmas lights to brighten the darkness.

I always get sad when I say goodbye to daylight savings, so to remedy that this year I decided to change up my hours at work — coming in at 7:30 and leaving at 4:30. This will hopefully allow me more time at home during the daylight and less time stuck in traffic during the darkness. I also plan to write five things I’m grateful for every day this month, since the best medicine for a sad soul is to look around and recognize all of your blessings.

On to my monthly goals….

hello november

November Goals:

  • Vote!
  • Come up with a strategy for our yard (plant bulbs? bushes? privacy trees?)
  • Clean and vacuum my car (it’s so gross you guys)
  • Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  • Enroll in benefits for 2015 at my job
  • Take a family pic and order Christmas cards
  • Get 75% of my Christmas shopping done!
  • Make a classic family Thanksgiving dish
  • Every day this month write down five things I’m grateful for

What are your goals this month? Does anyone else struggle with the time change?

PS – Need inspiration for monthly goals? See mine from November 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2009

  • I’m a freak because I LOVE IT. Casseroles. Soups. Scarves. Dark nail polish. Jane Eyre (which begs to be read this time of year). Cosy in bed with windy, rainy nights whirling away outside. Warm lights flooding from windows in houses you pass in the dark. Hot chocolate…I could go on! Sadly, my husband also loathes it! All that said, I don’t like the UK winter to spring transition which I find white, grey, brown, wet and bleak. But I love the autumn to winter bit! Hope you find some things to enjoy :-)

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