currently - winter 2015

READING: Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

PACKING: For a long weekend in Florida this weekend.

EATING: Lots of soup.

DRINKING: Lots of water.

WANTING: All the things on sale right now! Every day I get a dozen promotional emails about 70% off clearance. I have bought a few items, but trying not to let the frenzy of a sale tempt me to buy something I don’t need (and I don’t need a thing!).

MAKING: Decorations for my sister’s wedding shower, which will be here in two short weeks!

WATCHING: Alias, again.

LISTENING: To this warm winter playlist.

WISHING: For one really big snow that cancels everything for a day, and then for spring to come quickly after.

ENJOYING: Quiet, early mornings.

LOVING: This blog, this lady and her story. I tear up every time I read a new post.

HOPING: For nice weather on our trip to Europe in March.

NEEDING: More Vitamin D in my life.

WEARING: Socks, all the time.

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