April Goals

Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Yes? Oh good. It’s nice to be back and write you all again! I feel like it’s been months since I’ve written on here, which is silly because it was just a couple of weeks. But I’m hoping this month to get back into the practice of blogging and share all of our fun adventures from our trip to Europe (search #thetravelingneels to see snippets from the trip), and other little life updates.

Ahhh, spring. This time of the year is magical. The days are getting longer, the trees are starting to bloom, and everyone comes out of hibernation into the sunshine. This month I hope to focus a lot of my efforts on our yard. That is one area in my life where I feel very inadequate — I know so little about yard work and landscaping! The list of things to do is very long, but I’m hoping to take it one item at a time and hopefully gain a little confidence in the process. Does anyone else struggle with yard work? Any tips for how to manage and keep up with it all?

april goals

April Goals

  • Celebrate our 4th anniversary
  • Finish reading two books
  • Create a video montage from our trip
  • Start writing blog posts about our trip (I could fill the rest of this year with posts!)
  • Throw a baby shower for my sister!
  • Clean up our deck
  • Consider planting a flowering tree in the back
  • Get prices for pavers and/or stone pathway for the backyard
  • Weed flower beds and add more mulch
  • Plant herbs

What are you up to this month? 

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