WAITING for this book to arrive in the mail. I’ve had it on my library waiting list for two months now and there’s no end in sight so I decided to just buy it.

WEARING open-toed shoes.

LISTENING to this song on repeat.

CELEBRATING my sister’s baby this weekend! I’m going to be an aunt so soon!!!!

EATING Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips.

SPENDING more time our backyard. See above photo!

DRINKING hot water with lemon and honey in the mornings. It’s no cup of coffee, but apparently chock full of amazing health benefits (according to Pinterest I think?). We’ll see how long this lasts.

ENJOYING our neighborhood trail. It looks different every time I visit it this time of year!

DREAMING about the next big project for our home. I’m thinking our pantry… I have ideas!

STRUGGLING to find time to blog about our trip to Europe. I have about 12 posts started in my drafts folder, just need some time and energy to finish them.

WATCHING the last season of Mad Men. Don Draper, you haven’t changed at all in the last seven years.

READING Lara Casey’s Make It Happen.


WISHING everyone who reads this a happy day!

  • Once I get a song in my head, or on CD, I keep listening to that thing over and over, as well! Spring definitely brings about new vibes of freshness and joy, and wearing open-toe shoes makes it even better. Have a Fab week! Hugs…

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