January to April Goals

Happy New Year, friends!

happy new year

Normally I jump into the new year with a list of goals and resolutions, but this year is a little different. It’s going to be a big year of transition for us, both with a new baby due in the spring and career changes for J, so I decided to stick with just the next four months.

So here are my new year goals before our baby arrives:

– Go on a trip with J. We are going to Asheville this weekend as a little babymoon getaway. Should be a chilly, but lovely time!

– Go to church whenever we are in town. Last year we got into the habit of making church optional, only attending when we had time or when it was convenient. I’d like to change our mentality so if we are in town there’s no question of whether we are going, just which service.

– Unplug and start to create healthy technology habits. I’m a little nervous about introducing a baby into this ever-changing digital world. I am not sure yet what my stance or parenting style will be on the amount of screen time we will allow, but I really want to be intentional about my screen time, starting now. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly this will look like, and want to do some reading on the topic and see what has worked for other people. If anyone has any ideas of things that have worked for you, I’d love to hear!

– Blog about our Europe trip. I have about a dozen blog posts partially written that I have been meaning to publish. Even though the trip was almost a year ago, I really want a record of our itinerary for my own purposes to reference in the future.

– Create a new budget and stay on track. Our budget looks very different this year and starting this month we are making some pretty drastic changes. It will probably take a little while to adjust, but ultimately we need to stick to the new budget and adjust our lifestyle accordingly.

– Finish getting my nursery set up. This includes:

  • Get a crib and assemble it
  • Find an upholstered glider
  • Finish finding prints and hang gallery wall
  • Hang book ledges on the wall
  • Make a mobile to hang over the changing dresser
  • Empty and clean the closet and dressers
  • Wash all of her clothes and put them away

– Clean and organize the house. I have a huge long checklist that I’m working through (using the KonMari method), and I really want to have things as clean and organized before April as possible.

– Say YES as much as possible. As long as I am feeling well, I want to say yes to friends and family as much as possible, since I know that life after a baby will be altered dramatically and my top priority will be caring for an infant.

What goals do you have this year? Anything we should add to our pre-baby to do list? :) 


  • Nice goals, this would be a savvy year, trying to be more frugal and still have a nice social life, plus say yes to new opportunities without be afraid

  • Wonderful goals. And trust me, it will get a lot more hectic when the baby arrives. Good luck!

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