ENJOYING the days getting brighter and brighter. Spring will be here soon!

WEARING  leggings, this tunic and my new glasses as soon as I get home from work. 

LISTENING to this album on repeat. I am always a little bummed after Christmas is over because my house isn’t filled with holly, jolly tunes. This album, however, is getting me excited for Easter with all of its joyful risen songs. Also it’s Irish, which is seasonal as well. 

CELEBRATING J’s new adventure! I shared a little about this in my last post, but quit his job at the company he’s been at for the last six years and is embarking in a 12-week computer programming bootcamp for the next few months. Follow along his journey if you’re interested! 

LOOKING forward to my two showers in the next few weeks. I am so humbled by all the baby love I can’t handle it!

EATING lots of soups and candy hearts.

SPENDING very little money. We are halfway through the first month living off my paycheck alone, and so far it’s going better than we expected. 

DRINKING pellegrino with lime, my cocktail of choice these days. 

DREAMING of maternity leave, with spring in bloom and a new baby in my arms. 

STRUGGLING to tie my shoes. 

INSPIRED to exercise, now that I have a temporary gym membership to the YMCA. I found a few classes I like — cycle, total body strength and barre — and have these classes scheduled into my calendar like an event I cannot miss. Here’s hoping all this exercise will help me prepare for labor and make recovery a little easier!

(re)WATCHING How I Met Your Mother again with J. 

READING so many books. I just finished Heidi (never before read it and it’s the sweetest little book!), and am in the middle of three books, including this one, this one, and this one. 

What are you currently up to? :) 

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