May Goals

Happy May, friends! We already had our first 90-degree weather day last week (what!) and so I’ve officially packed up my cool-weather clothes and embracing this warm, beautiful season ahead.

Speaking of clothes, one of my goals this month is to create a capsule wardrobe for the remainder of my pregnancy. Maternity clothes in general are kind of like its own capsule wardrobe, since it’s a specific time period that you can only wear certain things, but I need a few new items and want to be extra intentional with how I mix and match and maximize my closet without wearing the exact same thing every day. I’ll let you know how it goes. :) On to April highlights and May goals….

Highlights of April:

April was a wonderful month and a hard month.

There were so many highlights: we celebrated our sixth anniversary! L turned one years old! We found out this sweet September baby is a girl! We celebrated L’s birthday with an outdoor party and easter egg hunt, where we also announced what her little sister’s gender is. A big month indeed!

But despite it being such a fun month of celebration, we had a couple of rough weeks at home. We came home from a long weekend at the mountains with my family at the beginning of the month and L got pretty sick. She was out of daycare for a week and a half battling pneumonia, a double ear infection, and what we thought was hand, food and mouth (only to find out she just bit her tongue). It was one of those hard parenting moments when the energy of juggling a sick baby, finding child care or taking off of work and trying to console her as she healed takes the toll on you.

My heart goes out to so many out there who have children with ongoing issues and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and exhaustion that comes with that journey. I tip my hat to you all (and all parents, really) and send you so much love!

Goals for May


  • Finish our will — this one keeps moving from month to month. I gotta finish this finally!
  • Bake a treat for L’s teachers
  • Organize and sell stuff for our yard sale (and donate the rest!)
  • Send a letter via snail mail to a friend
  • Go strawberry picking!
  • Set a termite treatment appointment for my garden
  • Figure out a maternity capsule wardrobe
  • Get Mother’s Day gifts together!
  • Get together with a friend for a meal or coffee
  • Stay within budget
  • Have a great time in Michigan — and prepare for leaving L with family!


  • Water plants and flowers
  • Weed the garden beds once a week and buy fence pickets wholesale
  • YMCA – go to a class at least once
  • Groom Leia
  • Clean the bathrooms

Daily goals:

  • Take a walk
  • Take prenatal vitamin
  • Tidy the house before going to bed
  • Read or listen to the Word — lately I’ve been listening to the Bible app on a walk in the mornings. It’s nice to kill two birds with one stone, listening to the Word and getting in a little exercise.
  • Drink 64 ounces of water
  • Eat only ONE sweet thing a day (sugar is my vice)

What do you have going on this month? What are some of the goals you have? If you blog your goals monthly, please share a link in the comments! I’d love to see what goals you set.

  • Great list, well I have two points in common with your monthly: snail mail letter to a friend (sit write and send out it) and a coffeee with friend , I had this coffee habit at least one per week and I love it…I must to find a gift for parents anniversary of their marriage and for mother’s day…bake something for L’s teachers is really kind thing…God bless you daily

  • Thanks Guilia! Those are great goals. I used to meet with girlfriends for coffee once a week and got out of the habit. It’s so life-giving!

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