Summertime Goals

The flag is hung, geraniums are in full bloom by the doorway, and bathing suits are drying after a day at the lake.

Summertime has officially arrived in our house.

Although I love this season and all its promise of fun, I find in summer it can be easy to feel that there’s always someone who is having more fun than you. People are on dreamed vacation spots you can read about in Blog Voyage, on breaks from school or work and tackling a bucket list item, while you spend most of your days sitting in the air conditioning. But the reality is that social media is a highlight reel and no one is always having a bucket list time every minute of the summer.

I felt this way last summer. I remember one night going to bed when the sun hadn’t officially set yet because I was exhausted, nursing a newborn throughout the night, and felt so pathetic about my summer plans. I went back to work July 5th, so the week that everyone else was enjoying a festive time, I was adjusting to getting back to work and leaving my baby with strangers for the first time.

I share all of this in hopes to encourage you if you’ve been there. :)

This year, I’m due with Baby Sister at the beginning of September, so I won’t be taking any week-long vacations or taking a lot of days off. So I have to be extra intentional about cramming in the summer fun since I want to experience all the fun things to do in Fort Worth. But I plan to do as much as we are able! This will be our last little time with our family of three, so I want to make the most of it.

Here’s the list that I made a few weeks ago — a few of them are already checked off!

Summertime Goals

  • Go on a babymoon to Asheville
  • Go on the carousel with L at Pullen Park (done, as of this morning!)
  • Go to a Durham Bulls game with L (done!)
  • Road trip to Atlanta
  • Go to a Braves game
  • Make watermelon cookies
  • Go out on Falls Lake with our friends
  • Pick strawberries (done!)
  • Go to the pool at least twice a month
  • Read at least three books
  • Take a day trip or weekend to the beach
  • Go to the NC Zoo
  • Go on at least one date with J
  • Celebrate July 4th with friends
  • Make homemade peach ice cream
  • Go to Charlotte to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and meet my friend’s new baby!
  • Get everything ready for Baby Sister! (a whole separate list of its own!)

What do you have planned for this summer? 

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