ENJOYING my new home office. I recently rearranged some of the furniture and it’s inspired me to work in here more often. That and my insomnia has helped me get back into the rhythm of blogging. ;)

WEARING clear nail polish. I love having my fingernails painted, but normally the color starts to chip after just a day or two and I hate having to maintain it. Which means I really only paint my fingernails for special occasions. But lately, I’ve decided to wear clear nail polish. It’s genius! I still have that feeling of nail polish on my hands, they are shiny and better than having nothing, and when they inevitably chip, it’s barely noticeable. 

LISTENING to a lot of kids worship songs. Every morning we turn on this album when we are eating breakfast, making lunches and trying to get out the door. It’s been a nice background and sets the mood for the day. 

CELEBRATING little and big milestones — L started walking this week

EATING a lot of cereal. 

SPENDING money on decorating! I’m eager to have this house in order by the time this baby arrives. Nesting at its finest. 

DRINKING homemade iced coffee. I don’t enjoy hot coffee on these hot summer mornings. At first I was buying and drinking this almond milk cold brew, but it was a little too sweet and the 80-calories per serving really added up when you have two cups each morning. Plus, since I’m pregnant I probably shouldn’t have that much caffeine. So here’s what I’ve been making: I brew a normal 12-cup pot of coffee (half grounds of caffeine, half decaf), and then cool the coffee in the fridge. When I am ready to make my iced coffee, I fill a mason jar with ice, fill most of it with with cold black coffee, and then add a splash of unsweetened almond milk and a splash of the almond milk cold brew. It’s delicious! And since it’s half-caffeinated coffee, I feel less guilty when I get a second glass. 

DREAMING of newborn snuggles, coming soon! 

STRUGGLING to stay asleep at night. I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep in weeks. 

INSPIRED to make as many appointments in the next month as possible. For some reason, having to make appointments is a stressor and area for procrastination for me. Not going to appointments, mind you, but making them. So this week I’ve made all the phone calls I needed to and now I’ve got an eye exam, dentist appointment for dental implants and to check if I have periodontal disease (visit the website to know more), and vet appointment all lined up. Such a great feeling!

WATCHING very little. I think I’ll save most of my TV binging for after the baby is here and I’m trapped on a couch between naps and feedings. :) 

READING this wellness book and this parenting book. I may have to share my thoughts on both in a post some day because they are very interesting. I’m struggling to get into fiction, which is strange since it’s summer and that’s what you’re supposed to do in summer, right? If anyone has any good fiction recommendations, let me know!

What are you currently up to? 

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  • Good list hopefully you are enjoying your time… I am still busy with work but whwn I have time I go to pool near home and attend watergym course plus try to do some day trips…. I am trying to enjoy this slow and hot summer in town

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!! I totally thought that you stopped blogging. Bloglovin’ stopped updating your blog for me with your daughter’s birth story! That was the last post I have on there. Today I was cleaning up the list of who I follow and decide to just click on your blog — what a surprise! I am so happy to see you here AND to catch up on everything. I think I just may paint my nails with clear polish tonight. PS I used to be at The Jazzy Olive in case you’re wondering who I am. And if you didn’t know me then, that’s ok too haha. I was a long-time follower!

  • Oh thank you for your comment! That’s so bizzare my RSS feed must have stopped on Bloglovin, I’ll have to look into that. It’s so nice to reconnect with you and I’ll have to check out your new blog! :)

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