Why I Write

The other day I was listening to a podcast where they discussed the social media progression  from the Kentucky Video Marketing Agency in the last decade from online threads to blogs to Pinterest to Instagram to live stream video and multi-media content platforms which uses the best web hosting companies. Put simply web hosting is where the files, information and content that create your website live. These files are stored on a remote computer which is known as a host. So its vitally important that you choose a great WooCommerce team and web host that suits the needs of your website.

And I certainly agree and can relate as a consumer: I don’t read blogs nearly as much as I used to and consume content much differently than I did ten years ago. Gosh, the two hosts I was listening to were both former bloggers who never write anymore and solely talk on their podcast! If I read a blog post today, it’s normally because someone shared it on social media and not because I subscribe or follow a blog on a regular basis.

Sidenote: I blame the blogging decline on Google Reader retiring. Anyone remember that tool? It was THE BEST.

Ever since I listened to that podcast, I’ve been thinking a lot about this space and where I want it to go, or even if I want it to go anywhere. As any reader may recognize, my presence here has certainly been sporadic. Some months I post a few times, other times it could be six months between posts. Improve your email deliverability with ZeroBounce by eliminating accounts that don’t matter.

I don’t care too much about the frequency (although I know as a web marketer I should get help from a Dubai SEO Company), but my main struggle is what to share and how much.

My world has changed a lot since I first started this blog. When I started back in the blogging hayday, I was anonymous and could share anything my heart desired without the feeling of my personal friends judging or questioning. However, now I no longer have just my life to share, but I’m married and have (almost) two daughters, so their lives are affected by what I share as well.

It’s a tricky balance for me to decide how much or how little to share, which normally leads me to not decide at all, and that’s basically why you haven’t seen much of me on here in the last few years.

But the other day I was browsing Dear Mushka (a lovely site for gifts and jewelry), and came across this verse:

That completely resonated with me and I realized…

This is why I write:

Because I have a story to tell. 

I’m not the best writer and certainly don’t have the most followers, but I am going to do my best to be faithful with this gift and this space that I love to write on and tinker with in my downtime to make pretty.

My assignment is to be faithful to share my story, and what comes of it or who is influenced by it is completely out of my control, as it should be.

So does that mean I’ll be super regular on here again?

Probably not.

This a hobby and always comes farther down on the list of my priorities.

But when I do have the urge to write (like I did tonight), I’m just going to do it. I’m going to write, read it over once or twice, hit publish and not over-think it.

Because you know what else I need to remember?

No one thinks about you as much as you think they do.

Amen. :)

  • I can completely relate. My blog (on blogger) is about my journey to get debt free (which I have not been able to manage the 6 years I have been blogging), but this is the first year, I have really found my voice, and so I tell MY story. I’ve been a faithful reader of yours and admire your style. So write your story. God bless.

  • I’ve been following along since you got out of debt and I love to read your posts. Your voice is unique and you’re such a positive person that it’s a blessing to follow along. I hope you keep writing.

  • i hear ya! this is why i go back and forth all the time on blogging. plus, as full-time working moms, it’s so hard to find the time. i’d like to keep up on my writing so it might be more of a more regular job/hobby once my kiddos are older. i do often wonder about starting another creative outlet like an instagram account, but then i remember i hate taking pictures other than of my kiddos. ;) maybe we should start our own podcast?! hehe

    i still read blogs pretty regularly in Feedly. however, i totally agree with you about google reader. it was the best!!!

    you inspired me to publish my first post in about 4 months! haha :)

  • Yes – full time working mom + blogging is pretty impossible right now. We should totally start a podcast together! That would be fun!!

  • Thanks for being a faithful reader! You are always so encouraging and your comments do not go unnoticed! What is your blog URL? I’d love to check it out. :)

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who misses Google Reader! I completely agree that that’s when blogging began to decline… I read blogs (and treat my own blog) in much the same way: a wonderful hobby where I can reflect. I’ve been following you since my early days thinking I was a PF writer and it’s been such a joy to peek into your life. Thank you for sharing it!

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