Back to School Shopping for Preschoolers

To me, there are two parts of summer: before July 4th and after.

Before July 4th, there’s a lightness about the season. It’s finally warm after a long spring, so you welcome the heat. You slow down, pare back your commitments. Say no to structure and yes to spontaneous summer fun with all of the best toys for your kids.

After the 4th, however, there‚Äôs a shift in the air. It’s still obviously summer — it actually gets hotter here in North Carolina — but there’s a mental shift. I spend way more time in the air conditioned home than outside like I did in June. My brain moves from a low-key, vacation, summer-fun mode and I start to plan for the fall and long for routine. The earth even experiences the change as the days slowly start to get a little darker to prepare us for a new season, on school, so schools are preparing for this, new classrooms and  playgrounds with a canopy including for the kids thanks to services like canopies uk online.

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And with the anticipation of this new season comes Back to School shopping time!

I know there are many who cringe when they see Target replace the outdoor garden section with rows and rows of pencils, but I love it. I have always loved browsing the back to school section, even though it’s been almost a decade since I have been in school.

But this year, I can finally participate! We are sending L to pre school and I am so excited about it. I think it will be good for us all. She will love learning and playing, I will enjoy a little break and time to spend with just M, and we will all benefit from adding a little structure and routine to our weeks. After her pre-school years, we’re planning to enroll her in an Online Elementary School.

I received some catalogs and emails about back to school shopping, and I thought I would share some sweet back to school treasures I found for preschoolers.

Back to School Shopping for Preschoolers - My Pretty Pennies

Back to school sources:

  1. A cute backpack — I got a backpack like this for L a few years ago. Sadly the one I got isn’t in stock anymore, but how cute is this little bunny one?
  2. Clothing and name label stickers — These are such good quality stickers. We bought some when L was in daycare to put on all of her bottles. Two years later, they are still in great condition!
  3. Lunch box — How sweet is this little bear print lunch box?
  4. Bento box lunch box — These are kind of pricey, but I have friends who swear by these bento boxes and they have used them for years.
  5. Pin board — A bulletin board for all that art work that’s going to come home with your kiddo. A bonus: it’s even pretty with no art on there. ;)
  6. Custom notebook — These personalized notebooks would be cute for a kid to use, but I also love the idea of journaling about your child on a custom notebook like this to later give to them when they are older. #momgoals
  7. A planner (for you) — You know, to keep track of schedules and plan all of the things to do when you’re kid is in school.
  8. Starbucks Gift Cards — A little gift card for your kid’s teacher. I love these four-pack cards to keep around for spontaneous gifts… or when you just really need a cup of coffee on-the-go but don’t want it to show up on the budget.

Ok your turn: What about you? Are you in the camp that loves or hates Back to School season?

Happy Back to School Shopping!

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