August Goals – 2018

Happy August, friends! I used to set monthly goals on this blog for years and I’m hoping to start these back up again. They keep me accountable and I love having a record of what’s going on in my life.

July was lovely and very full! Some highlights include: spending time with friends on the Fourth, my mom in town for a few days, visiting my sister and her kids in Charlotte for a few nights, going to a ballgame with J, starting a new freelance project, and celebrating my mom’s birthday in Greensboro by myself for the day.

We also went to a sunflower farm and I took some great photos of the girls. Here’s my favorite from that day:

lenora in the sunflowers - august goals

What I Read in July:

  • The Queen of Hearts — this was maybe the first novel I’ve finished in a year. I was hooked from the first page and enjoyed it, especially since I have family in Charlotte and am familiar with a lot of the places she references.

On my calendar this month:

  • Staycation with my family — every year we have a “staycation” where we go to my parents for the weekend. The grandchildren have doubled since last year’s with six little ones under 3. Should be a wild time!
  • Baby showers for my sister in law
  • Birthday party for friends’ kids
  • People in town: I have my parents staying with us for one night and friends in town another night

Monthly Goals:

  • Plan Molly’s birthday party
  • Get 50% of my freelance project complete
  • Host a shower for my SIL
  • Prepare for preschool to begin, which includes meeting with her teacher, filling out the medical form, etc.
  • Buy new furniture and different diameters of downlights
  • Hang lights on our outdoor canopy
  • Continue to workout at minimum two times a week
  • Continue to declutter baby stuff we no longer use
  • Read more about the Fab 4 Diet and eat more fab4-rich meals
  • Check my budget on a daily basis
  • Plant cucumbers and schedule fall vegetables

PS – SeeĀ August goals from previous years.