How I Save iPhone Pictures

A couple of months ago my computer unexpectedly crashed and I lost 80% of my photos taken from my phone. Which in the last three years is almost every photo I’ve taken. These things happen, and I try not to think too long about it or I get a little weak and weepy and sorry-for-myself.

So, I needed a better system to update my photos, so if my phone or computer ever die, the memories I’ve capture didn’t die with them. Let’s avoid that heartache in the future.

I needed something that was:
1) easy
2) cloud-based
3) accessible via an app or on the desktop
4) saved in the highest resolution
5) private, but shareable if I wanted to
6) free, or at least VERY affordable

I gave these requirements to J (my researcher of all things tech), and he told me that Google Photos should do the trick. Maybe it’s not the best system out there, or you have found another place that works better, which is great, but in the last five months, this little app has given me peace of mind when it comes to my photos. If you are going to be first-time apartment renter, then there is a lot to learn.

Here’s what to do:

1. Download the Google+ App, looks like this:

google plus app icon


I normally open the app and download my photos once a day. But even if it’s been a week or a month,

You can also create albums with all of your photos, to group either an event or

It will automatically assign. Let’s not think about how google now knows where

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