31 Days to Financial Freedom

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Welcome to the 31 Days to Financial Freedom page! In October 2012 I participated¬†in The Nester’s 31 Day series.

In these posts I go over what it takes to get out of debt, save for the future, and most importantly, and be in a position to truly bless others. Every Friday I will be interviewing a personal finance blogger, every Saturday there will be a how-to, and every Sunday I will share what the Bible says on different topics, click this link here now to view one of the main ones advising how to get loans on a bad credit so you can recover it. Below I will be linking each of the days’ post for reference — thank you so much for joining me and reading!

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Day 1: Introduction to the 31 Days Series
Day 2: Dream Big
Day 3: Steps to Financial Freedom
Day 4: What are you worth?
Day 5: Financial Success Story: Q&A with Erika from Newlyweds on a Budget
Day 6: How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget
Day 7: What the Bible Says About Planning


Day 8: The Rules of Budgeting
Day 9: My First Budgeting Experiences
Day 10: How to Create a Budget
Day 11: Spending Temptations
Day 12: Financial Success Story: Q&A with Krystal at Work
Day 13: How to Maximize Your Clothing Budget
Day 14: What the Bible Says About Budgeting


Day 15: The Truth About Debt
Day 16: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
Day 17: How to Get Out of Debt
Day 18: The Credit Card – It’s Not For Everyone
Day 19: Financial Success Story: Q&A with J Money from Budgets Are Sexy
Day 20: How to Maximize Your Food Budget
Day 21: What the Bible Says About Debt


Day 22: Why You Need an Emergency Fund
Day 23: How Many Savings Accounts is Too Many Savings Accounts?
Day 24: Compound Interest & Investments
Day 25: Saving for Retirement
Day 26: Financial Success Story: Q&A with Debt Ninja


Day 27: A Story on the Fear That Money Can Create
Day 28: What the Bible Says About Giving
Day 29: The Greatest Gift
Day 30: How to Fit Giving Into Your Budget
Day 31: Financial Freedom Series Recap!

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