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  • August Goals – 2018

    Happy August, friends! I used to set monthly goals on this blog for years and I’m hoping to start these back up again. They keep me accountable and I love having a record of what’s going on in my life. July was lovely and very full! Some highlights include: spending time with friends on the

  • August Goals

    Hello August! I am so happy to greet you! The lazy days of summer are coming to a close and I feel things starting to ramp up for a new season. We have a fun-packed month planned, including two weekend trips to see family, and lots of local events planned in between. I also really want to organize my house. We

  • August Goals

    August always marks the end of the summer and the beginning of a busy season. Work is ramping up and weekly commitments start up again. But after a very slow July, I’m welcoming the faster pace and actually looking forward to it. This month is going to be a really, really fun one. We have a

  • August Goals

    July seemed to drag for me. Of course time in general is flying, but when you’re in the dead center of summer, the hot humid days just linger into one another. Or maybe that’s just because in July I saw so many photos and posts of fun adventures people were taking and I was stuck

  • July Recap & August Goals

    July was such a great month. J and I were in town almost every weekend and it was fabulous. We watched fireworks, attended barbecues, spent time at the pool, hosted family, tried new restaurants, and enjoyed being at home relaxing and getting things done. I am just as excited for August, though. It promises weekend

  • August Goals

    I’m determined August is going to be awesome. Goals: Update resume & portfolio Spend no more than $54.03 on clothes. Pay $500 to debt. Snowflake any extra money to savings. Spend only $55 on gifts. Give the blog a little face-lift. Possibly buy an airplane ticket to visit BFF in Atlanta(?) Figure out a way

  • August Recap & September Goals

    August Goals: Stay within budget // We had a flat tire at the beginning of Aug, so that put us over budget. Give away 10% to charity Make at least three new recipes Workout 12 times // Pretty sure I worked out about 10 times. Better than nothing? Master the perfect weekly routine Go to

  • September Goals

    Oh heyyy, Internet! It’s been a while. Let’s just ignore the two-month radio silence and jump back in shall we? Because September is here! One of my favorite months! Time to get in the last sunny days of summer and enjoy the first hints of fall. This month is going to be pretty busy with three out of four weekends