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  • Boston Trip: Day Three

    This is the third and final post on our trip to Boston. Read more about days one and two. :) The last day! We got up early, packed up our stuff and hit the town. Our flight was leaving at 6 pm, so we wanted to be sure to get everything off our list early

  • Boston Trip: Day Two

    This is post two of three on our trip to Boston. Read more about day one here. :)  We decided to take our time on Sunday morning, since we got up really earlier the day before. On recommendation from our host, we walked to the Grasshopper Cafe for brunch, just a block from where we were

  • Boston Trip: Day One

    If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re probably aware I went to Boston this past weekend… you know, considering I flooded your feed with photos from my trip. ;) Well, if you can’t get enough, here are more for you to see. This is one of those posts that is more for me to reference and remember

  • On Blogging, Boston & Fridays

    Oy! How is it Friday already and this is my first post? I didn’t mean to take a blogging break on here, but I guess I needed one. To be honest, I am in a bit of a blogging rut lately. I go through spurts where I love blogging and have dozens of posts I can’t

  • Highlights of 2014

    Happy New Year, friends! I am slowly coming out of my holiday cave and easing back into routine again. Not an easy task! It was so nice to take a couple of weeks off of work to celebrate the holidays with my friends and family. Before I dive into the new year planning and goal-making, I

  • Taking trips… + is it ever a bad decision to take a trip?

    After I wrote the post about my trip to Haiti, I started to think about all of the great trips I have taken: Jamaica, Paris, Cancun, Peru, New York, Nashville, Charleston, Boston. GOOD STUFF. I love traveling and have some wonderful memories from these experiences. Given the chance again, I would choose to do them all in

  • Seven Tips on Traveling with your Significant Other

    In the beginning of a relationship, your world is like a little fairy tale. Life is happy and love is wonderful. Your significant other can do no wrong! If their tastes differ from yours, it’s endearing! If they want to do something you’ve never done such as using anal vibes in bed, you’re game! Anything

  • June Highlights

    June was such a happy, sunny month. It always is! Here are some memories we made last month: June Highlights: + Peonies! + Leia riding in the trunk + Weekend trip to Boone for J’s birthday + Boston with the birthday boy + Bike riding to Harvard + Getting lost in the North End +